A lot has changed..

Starting a blog when doing a graduate program is a challenge. Apparently too much of one for me, as you can tell from my history of posts. But a lot has changed over the last two years, including me becoming a certified teacher! In fact, I am certified both in Ontario, Canada, as well as Victoria, Australia. Which is why I am currently living abroad in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Along with this move came two amazing friends, a three-week pitstop in Thailand, being closer to a different part of my family, and the ability to get some experience supply teaching immediately. Unfortunately, I also left behind a loving boyfriend, a fun-filled Toronto summer, my immediate family, and a substitute teacher gig with a GTA school board. I feel so privledged and blessed I have these opportunities on both ends of the earth, and am determined to take full advantage of summer (or winter, in Australia) abroad. 

I have a few ideas, drafts, and other thoughts about Melbourne, being a CRT (casual relief teacher, the term they use in Oz), and other adventures that come along with moving across the planet. These posts will occur regularly, and though many will have a teaching spin on them, many will also be what I am learning from the world around me, and from travelling. Because as everyone knows, you can learn so much in the classroom, but there is even more to learn from the world around us. 

So stick with me as I chronicle my learning through teaching, travelling, and living on a new continent! 


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First unit plan- Grade 6 Flight

This is my first stab at a unit plan. I will be teaching Grade 6 science, and their unit is Flight.

My instructors had the brilliant idea of bringing a copy of the curriculum specific expectations, and then being able to cut them up and move them around to develop tangible clusters to teach. Each cluster may take one or more lessons to get the essential information across.

This is the result of clustering, and developing essential questions to guide the learning and make it relevant for students. I’m pretty proud of it.


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Mathematics- Number Sense and Numeration for Grade 6 (place values and decimals)

What do we know about place values and decimals?

This a lesson I planned for an assignment, and will be teaching during my first placement. The custom content found was designed by me, except the Frayer Model which is taken from Frayer (1969). This is based on the Ontario Curriculum, in the grade 6 Number Sense and Numeration strand. I am using this is an introduction activity, but another teacher candidate used pieces of it as a culminating activity and also found success. Please feel free to take and modify for your students- and I’d love to hear how it goes if you try any of the activities, or if you have any feedback in general!

Click here to view a lesson about place values and decimals!

You may not plagiarize this lesson plan for profit or for a class you may be taking.

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Teaching the Teacher

I am in my final week of attending classes before I get to practice what has been preached for the last 6 weeks. That’s right, starting this Friday I will be in a grade 6 classroom for one month. I will have the opportunity to use various teaching strategies, differentiate material, utilize multiple intelligences in my planning, and most importantly, learn.

I am a huge believer that as much as students learn from the teacher, the teacher will learn from the students. This month will be my chance to learn from my associate teacher, learn from fellow teachers in the school, learn from the principals and administration, and learn from the students.

In teaching it is so important to know your audience. Do you students love videos and drawing, or are they more into music, or is it technology that will capture their interest? How can you engage your students so they will not only care about what you are saying, but carry it with them in the future? I can’t wait to get to know this group of students, and learn from them exactly what they need to learn best.

I can’t wait. I plan on making the absolute most of this experience. This is what I signed up for; this is my dream, and my future career. Bring on the learning opportunities, the silly classroom moments, the teachable moments, and the warm fuzzies that are bound to come with teaching 24 grade 6’s.

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